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CLICK HERE for Vanity 800 Numbers and Toll-Free Phone Service offers 1 800 numbers and toll-free phone service for your business/professional office. Vanity 800 numbers help businesses reinforce their brand name and recognition while offering their customers free and easy telephone access to their products and services with a vanity toll-free number. With there are no complicated long-term contracts for the toll-free phone service. You can end your 800 vanity toll-free phone service anytime. We do ask that you please give us 30 days notice. Our 800 toll-free phone service allows for businesses across the country to share the same vanity toll free number, while offering your business exclusive rights to the toll-free number for calls originating in your city, state or country.

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There is no need to install and pay for another phone line for our 800 numbers and for our toll free service. The toll-free number will be set up to ring directly to any existing phone line that you choose during our online setup process for the toll free phone service. If you move in the future or get a new local phone number, you can definitely change the vanity toll free number to a new ring-to number at no additional charge. You would just send us e-mail with the new ring-to number and we will make the change to your 1800 toll free phone service within 1 business day. The 800 numbers can be setup so you can only receive calls placed within your home city, state and/or surrounding states or country. This custom 800 toll-free phone service setup allows for your business to easily establish a directory of local customers, without the hassle of receiving toll-free phone calls from customers that you can’t serve. In fact, an attorney advertising 1800-LEGAL can order our vanity toll-free number service in Miami and another attorney advertising can order service for this 800-LEGAL vanity number in Orlando.

If you a lawyer, here is a good link to start your search for a toll-free law firm marketing Vanity 800 number and for lawyer advertising toll-free service. Every lawyer advertising wants to use a great vanity 800 number since any attorney advertising wants clients to have an ez recall of their vanity number for new cases and to refer their friends to the law firm.

Lower the cost of doing business with toll free phone service. A vanity 800 toll-free number can have a positive impact on the way you do business beyond attracting and keeping customers. For example, 800 numbers ordering can significantly shorten sales cycles, which can lead to tighter inventory controls.

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